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Proven Fiscal Responsibility

Fishers must remain a fiscally responsible and taxpayer-friendly city to best serve the needs of residents and businesses. The City of Fishers has received the Government Finance Officers’ Association “Distinguished Budget Award” for eleven years. Fishers is one of the only cities in Indiana to have a AAA credit rating, as determined by Standard & Poor’s (S&P). In fact, less than two percent of local governments in the United States have a “AAA” rating.

Ensuring Public Safety

Public safety is a top priority in Fishers. In an effort to engage citizens and improve public safety services, the city launched the CrimeWatch Mobile App, an innovative way for residents to report crime. The app has allowed for hundreds of crimes to be reported and the information provided has led to several arrests. The CrimeWatch Mobile App won an honorable mention for the Best Tech Service of the Year at the 2017 Techpoint Mira Awards.

In 2016, Fishers became one of the only cities in the country to launch the WeCare paramedicine program. As a result, Fishers paramedics check in on residents who were recently released from a hospital and provide additional care recommendations.

Economic Development

Year after year, Scott and his team continue to set and exceed economic development records. In the last four years, there have been more than 4,900 new jobs created and $500 million in new private investment. Scott’s vision for Fishers includes making it a city where residents can live, work and play in the same community. Efforts to revitalize downtown, recruit businesses and expand quality of life initiatives have contributed to Fishers’ growing success.

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